A major character on The CW’s DC TV universe Alex Danvers is about to come out as gay in Season 2

It is under decision whether Kara’s sister Alex Danvers act as gay in season 2. Andrew Kreisberg, executive producer said (via Entertainment Weekly) at The CW’s panel at the Television Critics Association’s press tour on Thursday, “We’re very excited about that.” “One of the characters on one of the shows [‘Arrow,’ ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ and ‘Supergirl’] is going to be exploring their sexuality and coming out,”

Although Kreisberg and other producers denied to disclose the identity of the mystery character, Greg Berlanti said (via TVLine) after the panel that “it’s not a new character that’s been added” — and that it’s not someone from “Arrow” or “Legends of Tomorrow,” which already feature a gay (Echo Kellum’s Curtis Holt) and a bisexual character (Caity Lotz’s Sara Lance).

“It is a significant character,” Berlanti further teased. “The only reason we [don’t want to say who] is we really want the audience to enjoy the character development and not necessarily be ahead of the storyline.”

Though Berlanti mentioned that the character hadn’t been gay, when the show ongoing, a lot of fans think that it might be “Supergirl’s” Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan).  Although Winn had a serious crush on Kara Danvers in Season 1, some spectators think that making the character gay would be a great move to kill the love triangle between Winn, Kara and James Olsen.

Kara’s sister Alex Danvers was appeared to be intentionally distancing herself from admirer Maxwell Lord (Peter Facinelli) during the show’s freshman run. A number of fans gamble that Alex will be the romantic interest of new character Maggie Sawyer (Floriana Lima).

The decision to make the mystery character gay is part of Berlanti’s attempt to make the network’s DC TV universe more gender-inclusive.

“I [have always] wanted to contemporize these comics that I loved growing up and have them reflect the society that we live in now,” Berlanti told The Hollywood Reporter last May. “It’s still about working in some of those very real qualities so that everyone feels represented.”

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