Adele Pens an Emotional Message to Fans on Release Date of 25: “My new album is finally out”

adeleOh! the anticipation is over, Adele released her highly anticipated third studio album, 25 on Friday, Nov. 20 and she want to share some words with her fan groups.

The Grammy-winner penned a brief to her fan’s just after an hour the third studio album released. She post the emotional letter to her millions of fans in her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

“This feels like such a long time coming, my new album is finally out,” she wrote. “i am so overwhelmed and grateful to be able to even put another record out, and put it out how i want. the last month has been a whirlwind, its literally taken my breath away. i hope you enjoy the record as much as i enjoyed making it for you. see you on the other side… love adele x.”

After releasing her first single “Hello” with a black and white video, it just have made a cyclone in the music world. The single track became the fastest selling single music in 18 years, beating Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” within first 24 hours then exceeding Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball”.

The album 25 was leaked on Nov. 18 but The Grammy-winner looks pleasant after releasing her 3rd album.

There has another hot news for Adele’s fan’s, she packed Radio City in New York City with A-list celebrities as she filmed a one-night-only concert special and is schedule to be SNL’s musical guest for the first time in eight years on Nov. 21.

Adele invites his fan’s not to feature 25 on any streaming sites like Spotify and Apple Music. So it will be good to purchase a new one.

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