Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon Have Made an Ironic Trump-Hillary Debate on SNL

Saturday Night Live started its 42nd season Last night. The show kicked off its first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Alec Baldwin, who has hosted Saturday Night Live 16 times, was tapped to play the Republican candidate for president debate cold open against Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton with Michael Che as moderator Lester Holt.

The presidential debate was ironic dealing between the two candidates. The show, which NBC had promoted beginning of this week, scattered references from the candidates’ real lives — sketching about Donald Trump’s tax records, Clinton’s sometimes-impartial conduct and about the ridiculousness of this election.

Moreover, the show was full of jokes and the best jokes occurred at the beginning when McKinnon hopples on stage with a cane in her hand, she somersaults to leave it behind and a great callback to the late Gene Wilder’s introduction in Willy Wonka. The cleaver joke was “Hillary Clinton is dishonest.”

In the debating show Lester Holt pointed out Trump was for the Iraq war? Trump said, “I was against the war, ask anyone in the world named Sean Hannity. … I told him in private. … Next thing I knew, I was kissing Sean Hannity.”

When the presidential debate was talked about the sniffles, Baldwin-as-Trump told that, “We should be talking about important issues like Rosie O’Donnell. She’s a fat loser and everyone agrees with me. I just wanted to bring that up.”

McKinnon (Hillary) cried tears of joy and said, “I..I’m sorry Lester. This is going so well… it’s going exactly how I’d always dreamed.”

Finally, the debate moved on the closing statements.

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