Alec Baldwin Erupts at Paparazzi in the Hamptons

alec baldwinAlec Baldwin is no stranger to the paparazzi or having complete meltdowns when they approach or try to take photographs. In fact, he has been in the news on multiple occasions for his outbursts, one in particular involving a taped conversation with his daughter, Ireland, who he called a few choice words. After the tape was released to the public, Baldwin was on the receiving end of a lot of hatred.

However, for some time now, Baldwin has minded his own business and focused on his acting career. Although married to his wife, Hilaria, which whom he has a small baby, Baldwin has supposedly had his share of outbursts toward her as well. However, this morning while at a local park in the Hamptons with Hilaria and their child, paparazzi approached. According to someone close to the situation, he immediately became enraged.

A police officer who was close by tried to calm Baldwin down but it became obvious very quickly that backup was needed. The entire incident was captured on video, which shows Baldwin talking to two officers on the sidewalk but his loud voice was also recorded, proving how upset he was with the situation.

No one is sure if it was the fact that the paparazzi approached him while with his wife and small child or if there was an exchange of words but things turned ugly very fast. With Baldwin’s past behavior and knowledge that paparazzi love pursuing and pestering people like him because they feel it makes for a good story, three patrol cars rolled up on scene within minutes and with sirens blaring.

Baldwin went on to say that he wanted the photographer arrested but ultimately, one of the police officers was able to get the two men to shake hands and go their separate ways. The paparazzi have become a very serious nuisance and in fact, many Hollywood celebrities have lobbied to have stricter laws enacted and enforced.

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