Amanda Bynes Again on a Downward Spiral

Amanda BynesLast summer, actress Amanda Bynes was admitted to a psychiatric hospital where she was formally diagnosed with schizophrenia. After being treated and released, she remained with her parents who were granted legal guardianship and conservatorship.

Supported by family, friends, and fans, Bynes seemed to be on the mend but after several disturbing incidences this week, it appears she is again spiraling out of control. The first sign of trouble came when the 28-year-old actress took to her Twitter account, sending out random messages.

She then began sending multiple tweets, publically accusing her father of wanting an incestual relation with her but also accusing him of both verbal and physical abuse as a child. Both her parents have denied her claims and are heartbroken.

In one particular tweet, Bynes goes on to say that she plans to meet with her attorney so she can take out a restraining order against her father. She then asks the public and media to stop saying she is crazy.

In a statement released by her mother, the allegations made by Bynes are untrue and come from her current mental state. An attorney for the parents added that both the mother and father are upset about the false accusations but also, Byne’s older siblings are horrified.

Recently, Bynes was arrested on suspicion of DUI although the toxicology results will not be made available for a few weeks. She has also been having trouble with “sticky fingers”. Earlier this week, her actions spoke louder than words when she tried to walk out of a boutique without paying for a hat, followed by trying to leave yet another store with unpaid merchandise in her hand. When told she had to pay, a witness said she responded, “I have to pay?” to which she pulled out a credit card.

Then there is a video just released by a social media site showing Bynes in a store trying on a belt. With her beefy driver by her side, she begins to dance crazily throughout the store and then making provocative moves toward him.

Although Bynes has enrolled in fashion design school in New York, after setting a fire in a driveway of a Thousand Oaks’ home last year that prompted the in-patient psychiatric treatment, she is once again displaying strange behavior that leads many to believe she is either off her medication or having a major meltdown.

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