Another Sex Crime Investigation Involving X-Men Director

Bryan SingerBryan Singer, director of X-Men, is under investigation yet again by the New York Police Department, this time for a forcible sexual assault stemming from last year. According to reports, Singer forced himself upon a 20-some-year-old man. However, this latest accusation follows an earlier claim involving two other charges of sexual assault, both eventually dropped.

Born in 1965, Singer is an American film director, but also producer and screenwriter. In addition to his heavy involvement with the X-Men, he has received critical for his work on Superman Returns and the Usual Suspects. However, Singer has also directed other notable films such as Jack the Giant Slayer, Valkyrie, and Apt Pupil.

In light of this new allegation, several social media sites and publications have reached out to Martin Singer, the director’s attorney who is of no relation. In a statement released, he said no one, to include himself and his client, have been contacted as of yet by the New York Police Department, or anyone else regarding an alleged criminal investigation.

The attorney continued by defending Singer, claiming no inappropriate behavior or criminal action occurred. In closing, the attorney said that it is common for false allegations to be filed against high-profile people, which requires no action from law enforcement officials.

Apparently, one particular social media site was tipped off about the allegations and in turn, contacted Deputy Chief Kim Royster with the New York Police Department to verify the allegation.

A response was provided in writing and via email that confirmed a formal complaint of a sexual act had been filed on May 9, 2014 for an incident that took place in March. The Deputy Chief also verified the case is open and currently under investigation by the “Special Victims Squad”

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