Apollo Nida Set to Start Eight Year Prison Sentence

Apollo NidaApollo Nida, husband to Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) star, Phaedra Parks, will have to turn himself in on September 10 to start serving an eight-year sentence for committing fraud. Parks reportedly worked on Nida’s case while he was serving an earlier prison term for a car fraud scheme and after being released, the two married and went on to have two boys.

On the RHOA, Nida often flaunted money although no one, including his wife, had any idea his wealth was obtained illegally. According to a written affidavit, he created several fake companies that allowed him access to databases of people to rip off. With this information, he opened fake bank accounts under those people’s names and into those accounts, funneled United States Treasury checks.

In addition, Nida opened a fake car dealership and applied for auto loans using names of the people whose information he had stolen. This money was also placed in the fake bank accounts, quickly helping to build his “wealth”. However, the Federal Government was watching closely and once they pounced, Nida’s empire crumbled.

For all his criminal acts, Nida could have been sentenced to 30 years in Federal prison but after pleading guilty this past May, his time was reduced to just eight years. In addition to prison time, Nida has been ordered by the courts to repay close to $2 million.

For a period of time, Nida and Parks lived separate lives. With her being an attorney, his actions had a profound effect on the couple’s relationship. In recent months, the two have been spotted in public and appear to have made amends. Now with only weeks away from going to FMC Lexington prison in Lexington, Kentucky, he and his wife are working to get everything in order.

When asked how he felt about the situation, Nida said, “Don’t do as I do, but take my experiences and hope that it will give you a better platform”.

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