Are Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Headed for Divorce?

mariah-carey-mainAlthough things quieted down for a while, rumors are once again flying that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are headed for divorce. After a nasty split from her first husband in 1993, Carey took time off to focus on her personal life.

While Carey faced a number of challenges, in true style, she came out on top to include gaining a new man. During filming of a music video off the coast of Antigua, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon met and fell in love. The couple married in April 2008 in the Bahamas and in 2011, she gave birth to a beautiful set of twins.

Everyone knows Carey is an exceptionally talented music artist, but Cannon holds his own as a successful actor, comedian record producer, rapper, entrepreneur, and television/radio personality. Unfortunately, in 2012, Cannon went intomild kidney failure and was hospitalized for blood clots in the lungs. After being diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis and receiving proper treatment, he was able to get his health and career back on track.

By all appearances, Carey and Cannon have the perfect life and family. They even celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary with a fantasy wedding at the Disneyland Resort in 2013. Although everything seems great on the outside, there have been constant rumors about the couple splitting. Apparently the couple has been living separate lives for quite some time and in fact, insiders claim that Cannon has not even lived at the family home, instead staying at plush hotels.

The biggest area of concern is Cannon’s faithfulness to the marriage. So much so that while hosting “America’s Got Talent” in Las Vegas, Carey hired a security guard with a watchful eye. However, rumor has it that even tightened security was not enough to keep gorgeous women at bay.

A recent indicator that things may not be good in paradise is that both Carey and Cannon have kept a low profile on social media sites. The two often share information, post photos of each other, and interact with fans so this silence leaves many to believe that rumors of a split may actually be true. In addition, the couple’s Bel Air mansion has recently gone on the market. However, witnesses share that Cannon is still wearing his wedding ring and appears to be upbeat.

Perhaps Carey, 45 and Cannon 33, are simply going through a rough patch in the marriage and will work things out for the sake of their family, especially three-year-old twins, Monroe and Moroccan Scott.

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