Ashley Judd Vying for Spot on “The View”

Ashley-juddAfter a complete upset on the television talk show The View, executives have finally filled most of the open spots with the exception of two. Both Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy are gone but for upcoming Season 18, Ashley Judd has become a top contender for one of the seats.

According to an insider, Judd was recently approached by the show’s producers about taking her place among veterans like Rosie O’Donnell and Whoopi Goldberg. Both of these stars have strong opinions and personalities so to balance things out, the goal is to bring on a country star who will appeal to more conservative viewers.

In addition to Judd, Blake Shelton’s wife, Miranda Lambert has also come up in discussions. However, it appears for now, 46-year-old Judd is the favorite. Judd, who comes from the famous country music family, “The Judds”, turned to acting instead of music and although she has been out of the spotlight for years, she is a bona fide actress with great credentials.

As far as the second seat, ABC remains unsure who will take the spot. With time running out and several possible candidates to consider, no decision has been made as yet. The biggest challenge faced by producers is finding qualified candidates who can fill Shepherd and McCarthy’s spots, not an easy task.

According to people associated with The View, executives are less than pleased with the process since there have not been enough solid background checks. For instance, October Gonzalez, wife of football star, Tony Gonzalez, was being considered but after researching her background, producers discovered she had no journalism or television experience.

Because of the Gonzalez debacle, ABC feels embarrassed, so much so that network executives took over the entire selection process. However, casting is a huge mess and because there are still two open seats so close to the show airing, the start date may have to be pushed back.

One candidate that is showing promise for the second spot on The View is Lauren Sanchez, Emmy-Winning entertainment journalism. Comments about Sanchez have received positive, to include a tweet from Hugh Jackman who said, “It’s a no brainer. The chair belongs to the wickedly smart, sassy and stunning Lauren Sanchez”. With an already impressive resume and public support, she could very well become one of the final two co-hosts.

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