Bella Thorne Explodes Unnamed Hollywood “Mean Girl”

Mean GirlThe name Bella Thorne has exploded as Hollywood mean girl and the internet is now working hard to reveal her identity publicly.

The Midnight Sun actress dished about guessed “mean girl” Bella who is resonated during an interview for Seventeen’s December 2015/January 2016 issue.

“I have a mean girl. She’s in the business, and she’s very, very mean. I stay away from her at all costs. I never say hello to her,” Thorne, 18, told the magazine, “Her siblings are not mean like she is. It’s just her. One of the reasons I don’t like her is because she’s been a billionaire since she was very little, and she’s never had to work for anything in her life.”

Thorne tells something about one of her ex-boyfriends…

“An ex of mine and I knew each other’s phone passwords, and he was constantly going through my phone.” she added, “I learned not to do that because anything can be misread.”

She continued, “I learned not to do that because anything can be misread. Gregg has my password, but he doesn’t go through my phone. The ex and I also had a ‘Don’t talk to the opposite sex’ rule, so if a guy I was working with wrote me, it would be a big problem.”

In the personal interview she told about her current boyfriend Gregg Sulkin. “Gregg has my password, but he doesn’t go through my phone,” she said.

Bella lost her father, Reinaldo Thorne, who died in a motorcycle accident in 2007. After her father’s death her family went through a rough patch.

“I don’t think anybody really knew — it wasn’t a very obvious thing,” she said. “I’m embarrassed because we don’t have money.’ It was, ‘Oh, we don’t have money, so we’re going to work that much harder.’ It was scary, though, because you really want those jobs. It’s a different hunger when you want your family to eat.”

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