Brad Pitt Took Willingly Drug Test for DCFS

Brad Pitt willingly has taken a drug test and alcohol test during the investigation into allegations to cooperate with the Department of Children and Family Services.

The Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services took the test within days of the Pitt’s child abuse allegation with one of his children on the family’s private plane. His star wife Angelina Jolie filed for divorce after the incident occurred. She said that the divorce was made for the health of his family.

A close source of the investigation told that Pitt was helpful, cooperates with DCFS investigation and voluntarily took the urine test. He knows there had nothing to hide and to clear up any “exaggerations.”

A spokesperson of the DCFS investigation said that the drug and alcohol tests are very standard during abuse investigations, People report.

Brad Pitt was heavily drunk on the plane — both side agreed — but Joli’s side claimed the abuse was held with his kid Maddox after allegation and Brad’s side said it was before.

A pal close to Pitt told Brad took the matter very seriously and is fully cooperating with DCFS investigation. The allegation is moving on exaggerated or fabricated. Pitt will do the best for his children though he has reportedly been detached from his kids since Jolie filed for divorce. Moreover, he remains focused on doing his best for his living kids.

The allegation was also recommended for FBI investigation, but they have not taken any further action yet.

David Kubiliun, Chairman of Greenspoon Marder’s Criminal Law practice group, said to People, “I find it very hard to believe that they would take action with the facts that have been presented, given the fact that I don’t believe the child received any injuries.”

Brad Pitt has 30 days to response his legal opinion about Jolie’s divorce notice.

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