Brian Green and Megan Fox in Life-Changing Car Accident

Green and FoxLast Thursday, Brian Austin Green and his wife Megan Fox were involved in a car accident that they now say was life-changing. The two were driving when a drunk driver side-swiped their Range Rover while changing lanes. Although unharmed, the speed at which the at-fault driver was traveling made the incident extremely frightening.

When asked about the experience, Green said the couple was simply running errands when the other car going about 50 miles per hour hit them head on. He stated it was obvious the driver of the other vehicle was impaired and that the incident was horrific.

Fortunately, the couple’s two children, Bodhi and Noah were not in the vehicle at the time they were hit. However, after the airbag for the other driver deployed, Green exited his vehicle, shook the man’s hands, and made sure everyone was okay. He firmly believes the airbag deployment saved a life.

At the time of the accident, police were called to the scene where it was determined that the other driver had been drinking, leading to his arrest. In a second interview, Green said that while it appears both he and his wife are okay, he hopes there is no lasting effect of the accident.

Green admitted that the worst part of the experience was that he kept reliving it, asking if there was something that could have been done different to avoid the accident. Green was obviously thankful that no one had injuries, saying this made him more grateful. Most of all, it was a moment of thanking God that everything turned out the way it did.

He even went as far to say that he and his wife both hope the man driving the other car will get help so he never gets behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking again. The couple knows they were lucky, mostly because the two boys, both under the age of two, were not in the car.

Police who worked the scene of the accident confirmed that the at-fault driver was taken into custody. Green and Fox also know they could have been seriously injured or worse, as well as the man driving drunk.

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