Britney Spears’ Beau Gets Caught Cheating on Video

Britney SpearsSince her total meltdown several years ago, Brittney Spears has made an incredible comeback. Although her father still has conservatorship over her money and major decision-making efforts, she is once again wowing fans all over the world. Spears is no stranger to love and breakups, having dated Justin Timberlake for years, two failed marriages under her belt, and a string of more recent boyfriends.

Once again, Brittney’s love life is in chaos. Her latest boyfriend, David Lucado, filmed an incriminating video with another woman. In the video, which was filmed just a few weeks ago, he can be seen dancing with and kissing a female who was obviously not his girlfriend. According to someone in Spears’ camp, Lucado was marketing the video to sell and when his intentions came to light, someone paid a significant amount of money to secure it.

Now, it appears the buyer was none other than Jamie Spears, Brittney’s own father and conservator. Brittney knew nothing about the video until her father called to tell her what Lucado was up to. Immediately, she declared that the couple’s relationship was over.

Jamie has worked hard for the past six years to provide his daughter with both guidance and protection so it comes as no surprise that he would go to such great lengths to keep her name from being tarnished. According to a representative for Jamie, the video is safely locked away and will never be seen by anyone again but, no one knows who shot the video or who the other woman is so there is the possibility that another copy exists.

Having been together for 18 months, the split with Lucado is difficult for Spears. As she has done in the past, she trusted him only to get burned. According to someone who has actually seen the video, it looks as if it was shot in a living room and more than likely, filmed sometime in August.

Several reporting agencies have reached out to Lucado for comment but the only response came from a representative who said he remains very much in love with Brittney and his actions are unfortunate. The rep also states that Lucado would love nothing more than to work things out. However, Brittney is a smart woman and with Jamie looking out for her, reconciliation will probably not happen.

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