Catelynn Lowell – She Did it Again – Star of “16 and Pregnant” Expecting!

Catelynn-LowellBoth struggles and joys of teenage pregnancy were chronicled in the MTV hit “16 and Pregnant”. Each young woman brought something unique to the show but it was Catelynn Lowell and her boyfriend Tyler Balterra who captured millions of hearts. The couple made a heart-wrenching decision to give up their daughter, Carly, to a loving family that could provide her with a better upbringing. As Catelynn stated, both she and Tyler had a lot of growing up to do so their decision was one of selflessness and pure love.

Years later and no longer teenagers, the couple continues to have a strong relationship and just announced that they are expecting another baby, one they will raise together. In an interview, Catelynn states that she and Tyler can offer this child a stable home, something impossible with the earlier pregnancy.  They now own a home, two vehicles, solid jobs, and the financial means to be parents.

Even though Catelynn’s mom commented on the pregnancy back in May, the official news was not shared until August 6 when a beautiful black and white photograph of a growing belly was revealed on Instagram along with the statement, “#it’sofficial #4months @tylerbaltierramtv.” While Catelynn and Tyler relish the opportunity to be parents, they remain close with Carly and her adoptive parents.

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