Celebrities Around the World Celebrate the Life of Robin Williams

robin williamsEven with ongoing speculation surrounding the death of Robin Williams, celebrities from all over the world are choosing to celebrate the life of a unique and incredible actor, father, and friend. As reported, Williams committed suicide by asphyxiation this past Monday. In his wake, people from all walks of life began reminiscing about their favorite movies while Hollywood stars closest to Williams focused more on intimate moments shared.

One of the more touching stories had to do with the relationship between Williams and the late Christopher Reeves, aka Superman. Reeves was thrown from a horse during an equestrian competition in Virginia on May 27, 1995, As a result, he suffered a severe spinal cord injury that left the actor a quadriplegic. Reeves and Williams were roommates at New York’s Julliard School for Drama and went on to become lifetime friends. During Reeve’s darkest hours, Williams proved his loyalty by buying him a new van and generator but beyond that, offering support to both him and his now deceased wife, Dana.

Other famous people who have come out to celebrate Williams’ life, not death, include renowned director, Steven Spielberg, Kirstie Alley, Mia Farrow, Mara Wilson, who played the youngest daughter in Mrs. Doubtfire, Ellen DeGeneres, Bob Saget, Kevin Spacey, Steve Martin, Matthew Morrison, and even President Barak Obama, among countless others.

A great story that helps fans understood just how remarkable a person Robin Williams was is told by Isabelle Morin’s mother. Morin was a little girl but also a cancer survivor and in 2006, she had the honor of filming a commercial with Williams. According to her mother, the two danced for hours and became extremely close. She went on to state that Williams made her daughter laugh and was a huge inspiration. Goodwill stories are being shared by celebrities, which gives fans who have never met Williams a firsthand understanding of the true legacy left behind.

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