Celine Dion Cancels Tour to Care for Husband

celinedionIn 1980, 12-year-old Celine Dion first met then 38-year-old Rene Angelil after her mother sent him a tape of her incredible singing ability. The two quickly became close friends but seven years later, the friendship turned into a budding relationship that to this day, remains strong.

It was just announced that Dion’s Las Vegas shows have been put on indefinite hold while she takes time to care for her ailing husband. This is not the first time Angelil has faced serious health problems. In fact, he has struggled with both cancer and heart problems for over two decades. Although he had a cancerous tumor removed from his throat this past December, he continues to fight and in support, Dion and the couple’s three children stay optimistic.

Of course, people are sad the shows were cancelled but understand Dion’s attention needs to be at home. Angelil suffered a heart attack in 1992, prior to the couple’s marriage. Just as she is doing now, Dion stayed by his side to provide comfort and nurture him back to good health. However, he was then diagnosed with throat cancer just seven years later.

Angelil underwent 38 rounds of chemotherapy and radiation and after a rough recovery, was deemed cancer free. Since that time, Angelil’s health has remained stable, until just recently. Just as she did back in 2000, Dion recently announced that her career takes second place to her family. Without knowing how this new health scare will play out, it is impossible to say when, or even if, Dion will return to perform in her Vegas shows.

Dion’s Las Vegas shows have been extremely successful. In addition to unrivaled talent, this Canadian born artist knows how to perform. After becoming famous, Dion spent years traveling on tours to different cities but then landed the Las Vegas gig. Fans around the world have sent their well-wishes to both Dion and Angelil, hoping that he will once again make a full recovery.

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