Charlie Sheen Needs Stitches after Production Mishap

charliesheenCharlie Sheen may have been booted from one of television’s most popular series, Two and a Half Men, but his success continues with another hit, Anger Management. Sheen is an incredibly talented actor but also someone with a very dark side. Known for his drug and alcohol use, nasty relationships and breakups, outlandish behavior, and outbursts of anger, many friends fear he is headed for a serious meltdown.

Reportedly, production on the Anger Management show was shut down in secrecy for more than a week after Sheen got injured in what is being described as a “freak accident”. According to Jeff Ballard, Sheen’s representative, production came to an abrupt and unexpected halt after Sheen suffered an injury to his face that ultimately required stitches.

Ballard goes on to explain that while playing with one of his dogs in the pool, Sheen dove into the deep end. Thinking that part of the pool was deeper than it was he hit the bottom and cut his nose. Because of the injury, Sheen was taken to the hospital and stayed off work for roughly a week.

While this version of the story is plausible, a close friend of Sheens says things happened differently. After all, Sheen never swims in his pool so him diving into the shallow end of a pool while playing with his dog makes no sense. While details of the accident have not been released, insiders fear that Sheen is up to his old antics of behaving badly.

This accident is just one of many things that have Sheen’s camp worried. Just recently, his long-time bodyguard, Gil Peled, was fired. Peled has been providing services to Sheen for a very long time and was a trusted source.

His firing came as a complete surprise to Sheen’s inner circle, as well as Peled himself, especially since the bodyguard had stood by the star during some of his darkest hours, to include an earlier meltdown after being fired from Warner Bros. in connection with Two and a Half Men.

Peled was not an ordinary bodyguard but a former member of the Israeli armed forces, a military group that completes intense training. He also took his duties to heart and protected Sheen from doing some bizarre things that could have had a negative impact on his career. Not only was Peled fired but a new replacement has already been hired, a bodyguard photographed days ago trying to help a staggering Sheen down the sidewalk.

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