Charlie Sheen’s Ex-Girlfriend Bree Olson Claimed He Never Said A Word He Was HIV-Positive

sheengfCharlie Sheen’s ex-girlfriend Bree Olson, 29, getting accursed by haters, and oppressed by exes who think she transited them after Sheen’s HIV announcement on the “Today” show.

Olson reported in an interview she’s shocked at how much hatred and vitriol has been accursed at her, while Charlie’s getting all the compassion. Someone tweets — “You’re a ho! I wish you would’ve contracted HIV” — an example how much adverse reaction on her.

Hitherward, Charlie’s being praised as brave and a hero.

Olson says multiple ex-bfs contacted her after the interview with ‘Howard Stern Show’. She said the guy’s are “just reacting out of emotion. They are angry just as I am angry.”

She says he never told her he was HIV-positive, “I was living with him. We were sleeping together every single night,” she told Stern. When the host asked if Sheen ever said anything, she responded, “Never said a word, ever. ‘I’m clean,’ he told me.”

Olson told Stern on Tuesday, “I loved him, yes, he was my boyfriend. I left the industry for him and I never went back.”

Olson continued, “I made the same mistake that a lot of people do. I trusted him.”

They broke up after two weeks Sheen’s diagnosed.

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