Confirmed Split for Elizabeth Vargas and Marc Cohn

Elizabeth VargasABC News Reporter, Elizabeth Vargas, is reportedly going through serious problems times two. According to an inside source, Vargas and husband Marc Cohn are getting a divorce while at the same time, she returns to rehab.

This past November, Vargas bravely admitted to having a decade long battle with alcoholism. At age 51, she told reporters that she was going to go back to rehab and actually checked into a reputable facility while away on vacation. Unfortunately, alcohol abuse is not only self-damaging, it wreaks havoc on family and friends.

Vargas stated that her problem with alcohol had indeed negatively impacted her family, having caused a huge rift with Cohn, her singer-songwriter husband of 12 years. However, she is also aware of the devastation her drinking has had on the two most important people in her life – sons Zachary age 11 and Samuel, 8.

In spite of time spent in rehab to overcome an alcohol problem and the couple working hard to salvage the marriage, Cohn confirmed that the two are splitting up. Cohn remains extremely supportive of his soon-to-be ex-wife but the battle of addiction has finally taken its toll.

Currently, divorce proceedings have begun and while there is no word about how the couple will split their assets or time with the children, it appears the marriage is irrevocable. While in rehab, Cohn is caring for the two boys in New York and taking a much-needed break from touring.

A statement was released by Cohn saying, “On behalf of Elizabeth’s family, we are in total support of her recovery and want her to be well”. Vargas also released a statement that said, “I feel I have let myself, my coworkers, and most importantly, my family down, and for that I am ashamed and sorry”.

Although people are sad to see Vargas and Cohn divorce, they also lend support as she goes on a journey to recovery and wellness.

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