Dr. Cohen Leaves Clinic Due to Joan Rivers’ Controversy

joan riversDr. Lawrence Cohen, the Yorkville Endoscopy doctor who presided over the August 28 endoscopy of Joan Rivers leaves the clinic. In the past week, numerous reports about what did and did not happen on that fateful day have stirred controversy. According to sources with ABC News, Dr. Cohen, a reputable gastroenterologist who served as the medical director over the clinic, resigned due to clinic officials asking him to.

Some insiders believe the reason for Dr. Cohen leaving the clinic has to do with him allowing another doctor who accompanied Rivers to her procedural appointment to participate. This doctor is an independent ear, nose, and throat specialist opposed to having any affiliation with the clinic or having been authorized to perform any work.

While it has not yet been confirmed, some people believe this doctor’s participation in Joan Rivers’ procedure led to her going into cardiac arrest or perhaps not getting the required care needed during an emergency situation. One piece of information that has surfaced is that it was not Dr. Cohen who recommended an immediate biopsy be performed on Rivers’ throat but the doctor who accompanied her.

Allegedly, this doctor not only suggested the immediate biopsy after Dr. Cohen identified an abnormality on Rivers’ vocal cords. However, it was the other unauthorized doctor who asked to use some of the medical tools associated with the clinic and performed the additional procedure. However, a spokesperson for the clinic said that at no time have biopsies been performed on the premises.

Reporters have reached out to clinic officials in light of Dr. Cohen resigning but citing HIPPA laws, no one would comment. At this time, Dr. Cohen, the other doctor, nor the clinic itself have not been implicated in any wrongdoing although according to New York’s State Health Department, an investigation continues to determine what led up to the death of Joan Rivers.

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