Find My iPhone: Hacked Celebrities Vow to Get Justice

upton-verlanderBecause Apple’s “Find my iPhone” application was hacked, some of the most prominent celebrities in Hollywood have had to watch in horror as personal and sometimes provocative photos were leaked all over the internet. What happened is that hackers gained access to an online service called iCloud where photographs, emails, contacts, and other proprietary information are stored.

The hackers have proudly announced that they grabbed personal photographs of some 100 celebrities to include Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, and many others. Unfortunately, some of the leaked photos included nude images of the stars themselves. Although Apple has since developed a patch, damage is already done.

Currently, law enforcement and other government officials are tracking the hackers, who they say will be brought to justice. In addition, many of the celebrities involved also vow they too will seek justice. Both Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence were mortified by the leaked photos and in a statement said they will go after the hackers who are responsible not only for the damage done to them but to all the other celebrities as well.

Lawrence Shire, attorney for model Kate Upton, said the leak was “obviously an outrageous violation” of his client’s privacy. He went on to state that his client plans to pursue anyone who duplicates or disseminates the illegally obtained photos to the fullest extent of the law possible.

A spokesperson for Lawrence also released a statement, “The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence”. This is not the first time that hackers have confiscated materials not belonging to them and not the first time nude photos of celebrities have been leaked to the internet. However, this is a problem growing in frequency and intensity and as such, officials are determined to put a stop to it.

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