Grey’s Anatomy Welcomes Geena Davis as a New Cast Member

Geena DavisWho says only young actors and rising stars land the good roles. At age 58, Geena Davis is joining the cast of the highly popular Grey’s Anatomy for upcoming season 11. In addition to having a powerful resume that includes actress, writer, producer, and model, Davis placed 24th out of 300 women vying for a spot on the 2000 Summer Olympics in archery. She never made the team but just as with acting, Davis proved her unmatched dedication and determination.

Davis’ long acting career will ignite excitement on the set, having starred in movies such as Fletch, The Fly, Beetlejuice, the Accidental Tourist, A League of Their Own, and of course, Thelma & Louise, not to mention her countless television appearances.

Grey’s Anatomy is the most popular medical drama on television but after the loss of Sandra Oh, the show’s producers knew they needed to add a strong performer. They feel confident that Davis’ magic, coupled with the incredible acting skills of co-star Shonda Rhimes, will bring a new dimension to the show.

The new season is set to air September 25, 2014 and while not confirmed, there are rumors it will be broken down into two parts. The first part will premiere in September followed by a part one finale in December, with the second part airing sometime in February 2015. Regardless of how the schedule plays out, having a television and screen legend such as Geena Davis onboard will add to the existing popularity of Grey’s Anatomy.

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