Hard Candy Gym Lawsuit Heats up for Madonna

Madonna Hard CandyBack in July, superstar Madonna was suited over the name of her chain of gyms called “Hard Candy”. Madonna opened various branches of the gym were opened in Mexico and Russia, which includes the sale of DVDs and clothing. However, within a short time, executives with the Hard Candy cosmetics company filed a lawsuit claiming she did not own the rights to the name.

According to legal documents, the cosmetics company, which was founded in 1995, is now recognized around the world as being one of the most popular companies for its incredible line of nail polishes. The company claims that Madonna is infringing on their trademark but also creating unfair competition. As part of the lawsuit, the company wants compensation for damages but also demands the name to stop being used by Madonna.

While it seemed as if things between the cosmetics giant and Madonna had cooled off, things are again heating up. The Florida-based company is now alleging that Madonna along with her business partner stole their Hard Candy name and are pursing the copyright infringement lawsuit.

In new court documents, Judge John O’Sullivan has determined that Madonna will need to show up for a deposition but is required to answer questions pertaining to the Hard Candy lawsuit only.

If any additional questions are asked of the star, her team of lawyers is instructed to object, allowing their client to answer only questions specific to the lawsuit. In addition, if inappropriate or inapplicable questions are asked, a motion can be filed with the Court of Sanctions.

Judge O’Sullivan also determined that both Madonna and Live Nation LLC must turn over all licensing agreements specific to her Hard Candy merchandise sold in the state of Florida. While Madonna is being mandated to give a disposition, Guy Oseary, her long-time manager is not.

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