Inside the Relationship Between Kate Gosselin and Her Bodyguard

Kate GosselinOnce again, rumors are flying about Kate Gosselin and her “bodyguard”, Steve Neild. During a very difficult time in her life, Gosselin felt she needed protection not just for her, but more importantly her eight children. After all, she was being hounded by paparazzi and fans while going through a very tumultuous and controversial divorce from Jon Gosselin. To ensure safety and privacy, Neild stood by her side. However, with his striking good looks but also being a married man, people began to question their relationship.

Rumors quickly escalated, especially after it appeared the relationship extended well beyond that of a bodyguard and client. In fact, things got so heated that Neild quit, supposedly so he could focus on family after being given an ultimatum from his wife, Gina.

However, some insiders claim that being told “It’s her or me” was just one reason for the split since he also wanted to focus on a more lucrative and prestigious position with a reputable agency.

After Neild stopped working for Gosselin, rumors quieted down but recently, they were again ignited after the two were spotted at a One Direction concert with her kids but without his wife. Then on August 11, Neild joined Gosselin and her children in Plymouth Massachusetts for a cozy family vacation.

Although witnesses did not see any PDA and he did hold his distance behind the family by about five feet, there seemed to be something between them. According to Gosselin’s camp, the bodyguard was there for security reasons only and the vacation was being filmed by a reality television crew.

While the relationship between Gosselin and Neild may be nothing more than business, it raises question since he reportedly left reality television earlier this past summer to patch things up with his wife and family.

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