Is She or Isn’t She – Kendra Wilkinson’s Decision to Leave Hank Baskett

kendraFor months there has been speculation about the state of Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett’s marriage. While some struggles were evident on the couple’s reality show, rumors of Baskett having an affair with a transgender named Ava London is what has friends and family members worried. The 29-year-old Wilkinson has remained pretty much hush hush on her marital woes but apparently is having an extremely difficult time getting over her husband’s ultimate betrayal.

On the other hand, Baskett appears to be going through life without any signs of distress and in fact, acts as if nothing ever happened. For Wilkinson, divorce is an option although ending her five-year marriage to the love of her life is not what she wants. Those close to Wilkinson say at this time she is weighing all options to make sure the right decision is met for her but also her children.

Apparently one of Wilkinson’s immediate concerns is finances. To stay afloat and perhaps send a message to her cheating husband, their marital scandal is now being played out on yet another reality show entitled, “Kendra on Top”. Wilkinson is tough and without question she will make the right choice even if it means moving on in life without Baskett by her side.

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