Jackie Chan Devastated over Son’s Arrest in China

jackie chanWhen it comes to Asian actors and martial artists, one name constantly stands out – Jackie Chan. In addition to acting, Chan has enjoyed a long and successful career as an action choreographer, director, producer, screenwriter, stunt performer, comedian, singer, and entrepreneur. In fact, he is one of just a handful of actors to perform all his film stunts.

Born in 1954, Chan began acting while young in the 1960s and as of today, has more than 150 films to his credit. Although he has perfected challenging stunts, comedic timing, and improvised weaponry, he is best known for his unrivaled acrobatic style of fighting. For all his accomplishments, Chan was honored with stars not only on the Hollywood Walk of Fame but also the Hong Kong Avenue of Stars.

Chan’s world was recently turned upside down after learning that his son, Jaycee, was arrested on a drug charge while in China. Now 31, Jaycee is also an actor, having starred in movies such as “Little Big Soldier”, “The Twin Effects II”, “East Meets West”, and “Kung Fu Panda one and two”, among others. Although he starred in American films, Jaycee surrendered his US citizenship in 2009 to focus more on acting in Hong Kong for hometown viewers.

Even with some degree of success in the acting arena, Jaycee experienced one box office flop after another, leading to some serious financial troubles. Things got so bad that during an awards ceremony held in Beijing in 2011, Chan said all of his assets would be donated to charity after his death, leaving his son Jaycee to earn his own money as a way of proving honor.

Unfortunately, things have not improved for Jaycee and on August 18, he and Taiwanese actor, Ko Chen-tung were arrested together for drug possession. According to Chinese authorities, more than 100 grams of drugs were found while searching Jaycee’s apartment. Although Chen-tung is scheduled to be released by the end of the month, Jaycee is facing serious charges to include a possible death penalty if found guilty of “hosting others to consume marijuana”.

Not only is this news devastating to Jackie Chan on a personal level, it also brings a sense of shame having been the anti-drug goodwill ambassador for China since 2009. Obviously, Chan will do everything humanly possible to spare his son’s life and long-term prison time but until all the charges are made it is hard to tell just how bad things will get for Jaycee Chan.

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