Jennifer Lawrence guest-hosting on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” can’t find anyone who name five of her movies

Jennifer LawrenceJennifer Lawrence once again goes to local people on Hollywood Boulevard asking five names of her movies.

Lawrence took the guest-hosting duties on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in one of the segments on Thursday. She went to pedestrians and asked to name five movies she’s been in, but the actress got fully subversive results.

One pedestrian women, who can’t recognize the Oscar-winner actress, said that she likes to watch Jennifer Aniston movies, and agreed when Jennifer said the Horrible Bosses star is “prettier, funnier and way better than Jennifer Lawrence.” The woman said, “You ask me about Aniston, I can tell you.”

There were some people who can’t recognize the Passengers star, became surprised to learn when the actress said that she is Jennifer Lawrence!

Few people can say the name of her movies “Joy” and “The Hunger Games” when she provided some hints.

While guest-hosting the 27-years-old actress interviewed main event guest Kim Kardashian. Lawrence is a super fan of Kardashian.

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