Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart Dating Again!

jloWith a divorce pending from her 2004 marriage to Mark Anthony, Jennifer Lopez began dating her backup danger, Casper Smart in 2011. While an unlikely couple, initial flirtations quickly turned into a full blown relationship that lasted from 2011 to 2014. In June 2014, her marriage to Anthony was finalized, as was the relationship with Smart.

After two transsexuals accused Smart of having a sexual liaison, something Smart adamantly denied, he and Lopez broke up. However, Smart insisted that not only was there never a sexual encounter with the two individuals, he had never even met them.

To further support Smart’s claim of innocence, his attorney sent a firm warning to the founder of “” website, Nik Richie, demanding the story be retracted or his client would take legal action. A separate letter was sent to one of the transsexuals, imploring her to sign a declaration of never having met Smart.

Even with all this, it appeared that the relationship between Lopez and Smart was irreconcilably broken…until this past Monday when a photo of the two in a car emerged. However, to avoid the paparazzi from getting the shot and thereby a story, Lopez reportedly ducked out of view. People who witnessed the couple noted that while Smart was driving, it was definitely not his car, leading them to believe he was behind the wheel of one of Lopez’s own vehicles.

While some people are surprised she would take him back, others feel Lopez and Smart make a great couple. Even if the relationship falls apart again, Smart still has all the wonderful things gifted to him during their initial time together such as a Dodge Ram pickup truck, two motorcycles, a Jeep, and more. Of course, his time jet setting around the world and staying in lavish mansions would end.

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