Joan Rivers Doctors Office Under Investigation

joan riversAs reported, 81-year-old Joan Rivers experienced a medical emergency while undergoing throat surgery in New York City last week. Her daughter, Melissa Rivers, informed the public shorty after that Joan was resting but in critical condition. Apparently, she was having vocal cord surgery and during the procedure, stopped breathing. After a 911 call was made, she was rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital.

Since that time, Melissa has graciously kept fans informed, letting them know on Monday that her mother had been moved out of intensive care but that she was still in poor condition. Although this was great news, additional reports have come out that she remains on life support. No matter her current condition, there are plenty of questions surround the incident.

Because of this, it was just learned that the New York Health Department is conducting a review of the throat clinic, Yorkville Endoscopy, where Joan’s surgery was performed. According to several reputable sources, the clinic has been contacted by the health department two times yesterday.

A spokesman from the state health department said the matter is being reviewed. However, no official investigation has begun. It was also discovered that the review could take weeks, even months to complete. At this time, Yorkville Endoscopy is being looked at as a whole, opposed to the doctor who performed the surgery on Joan.

Joan’s exact condition is unknown but updates are expected in the near future. In the meantime, fans continue to offer support to Joan, as well as her daughter Melissa, hoping that she will come out of the situation better and funnier than ever.

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