Joe and Teresa Giudice Have No Worries – Sentencing Nears

Joe and Teresa GiudiceEven after pleading guilty to fraud charges and with Joe facing possible deportation back to Italy, the couple from the Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHONJ) reality television show, finds the time to relax in the sun. Just this past weekend, the couple was spotted lounging at the beach outside their New Jersey beach house, looking non the worse for wear.

Initially, both Joe and Teresa were charged with more than 51 criminal acts to include wire fraud, bankruptcy fraud, mail fraud, mortgage fraud, and others but ultimately, only a few charges stuck. Most people in this situation would either be in hiding or scared out of their minds but Teresa, along with her husband, Joe, remains confident they will do little, if any jail time.

However, close family members and friends believe the two are merely putting on a good front for the sake of their four daughters and fear Teresa could spend up to 27 months in jail and Joe, 46, plus possible deportation.

The couple’s troubles started back in the early 2000s but because of exposure from being on the RHONJ show, their criminal activity received a closer eye from officials. Reportedly, they were already under investigation but by flaunting their lavish lifestyle for millions of viewers to see, legal action was prompted. Joe admitted to not paying close to $1 million in taxes from 2004 to 2008 but together, they confessed to several crimes.

As United States Attorney Paul Fishman says, the couple will now have to face the real cost of their criminal actions. Joe and Teresa are set to be sentenced on September 23, 2014 yet they appear to be calm, cool, and collected. In fact, Teresa has been heard telling people within her close circle that as a mother of four children and the soul breadwinner thanks to her cookbooks and other entrepreneurial endeavors, the judge will not sentence her to any jail time at all.

Obviously, the couples’ attorneys will ask the judge to be lenient, pushing hard for probation but considering the already entered guilty pleas coupled with the original long list of charges, more than likely they will each do some time in jail. During this very difficult time, Teresa continues going to her book signings, is working on additional cookbooks, and lives a life of luxury in the couple’s New Jersey upper scale home.

While Teresa and Joe do not appear to be stressed by the upcoming sentencing, they are both unnerved that Bravo TV, the company responsible for the RHONJ, will bring cameras into the courtroom to capture all the drama. For several years, the Real Housewives franchise did extremely well, but after the Giudice’s criminal troubles were revealed, ratings declined dramatically. To give a boost to the now declining show, Bravo feels courtroom cameras are the solution.

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