Justin Timberlake Gives an Autistic Boy the Birthday of a Lifetime

justin-timberlake-620x400Justin Timberlake is not only one of the most successful male vocalists of all time but a man with a huge heart. At a August 11 concert in San Jose, California, Timberlake, along with 25,000 adoring fans, sang a special “Happy Birthday” to Julian Delan, an eight-year-old autistic boy. As with many autistic children, there is a deep interest and attraction to music and for Julian, his favorite was anything sung by Justin Timberlake.

Initially, Marika Rosenthal Delan, who is both a scientist and nurse, had concerns taking her eight-year-old son with autism to a loud and overcrowded concert would be too much but pushing caution aside, she and the boy’s father took Julian to see Timberlake perform live. What happened at the concert was something no one, especially Julian, could have ever imagined.

Wearing a smart black fedora hat and a Timberlake type bow tie, Julian could not hold back and begin yelling, “It’s my birthday. This is my present. I love you JT”. Julian’s parents were afraid his outburst would cause problems but instead, everyone sitting around the boy worked together to get the attention of Timberlake and their efforts paid off.

Quickly, Timberlake heard the noise from the boy and other concertgoers at which time he started singing Happy Birthday directly to Julian. The little boy’s eyes lit up and his heart swelled with pride. This in itself speaks volumes for the person that Justin Timberlake is but without him knowing that Julian is autistic, it makes the story even more special.

After the concert, Julian was bombarded with well-wishers giving high fives and fist bumps. In a posting on The Manifest Station, Julian’s mom sums the experience up best by saying, “Thank you for showing me I was wrong about what the world would do when they saw my son. Thank you for seeing him and not just his disability”.

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