Kaley Cuoco Celebrates Her 30th Birthday With Lions, Tigers and 12 Friends in Mexico

Kaley Cuoco has enjoyed her 30th birthday with some of her closest female friends at Black Jaguar White Tiger foundation, and she posted a thankful message on her Instagram to her well-wishers.

“Today was the best birthday I have ever had … Thank you for all the love and best wishes .. My heart is overwhelmed with joy and complete contentment there have been a few bumps along the way, but thank you God, nothing I can’t handle,” she captioned a photo posted in her Instagram while celebrating her birthday party at Black Jaguar White Tiger foundation.

She continued, “Thank you to my precious little angels who accompanied me on this trip and gifted me with something so special (they know what I’m referring to) thank you to Eddie @blackjaguarwhitetiger @paulcheca for showing us your beautiful sanctuary- how you have saved these animals from abusive , confined lives and now they are living a life they never could have dreamed of..you are the reason this planet will change.. #30isgonnarock.”

The People’s Choice Awards winner, who turned 30 on Monday, is an animal lover spent her birthday with lion cubs, baby tigers, sister Briana Cuoco and friends. He expressed the getaway at “trip of a lifetime.” She shared some adorable photos of her birthday travels.

The blonde star filed for divorce from husband Ryan Sweeting in September because of his irreconcilable behavior. She can’t tolerate his abuse of alcohol and prescription pills. Finally, the pair reportedly announced breakup on Sept. 25 just after 21 months of marriage.

The 30-years-old star celebrates her 30’s just after two months of split and start a new single life. The 30th birthday including “2 planes, 12 best friends” was amazing.

Happy Birthday Cuoco.

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