Kaley Cuoco makes Nicole’s dream true

Kaley Cuoco tries to make her Fan's Wish trueNicole, 13-years-old, is a terminally ill cancer patient is a big fan of Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco. Her only one wish is to connect with the Big Bang Theory actress and Kaley tries to make it true.

Nikki Lund pal of Kaley helped her to make the little girls dreams true. Kaley makes a video for Nicole and Laud post it on Instagram. Cuoco tells about the terminally ill cancer patient to US Weekly.

After hearing Big Bang Theory star how much she love the episode then Kaley try to connect her with in some way. With the help of her family and her pal Nikki she able to face time and send a video direct to Nicole and hope she must be happy getting her video. She felt honored to share such a wonderful moment. To make her dreams true Kaley stay the whole night connected with Nicole.

Lund tells Us, “When I contacted Kaley about this, she immediately said ‘Of course, whatever I can do to help, I’ll do anything,’” the fashion designer explains. “She waited up all night for the call, since they are in the UK.”

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