Katie Holmes and Suri California Bound!

katie holmesDawson’s Creek sweetheart, Katie Holmes, along with her daughter Suri is reportedly moving back to California. After a tumultuous and very public divorce from actor Tom Cruise in 2012, Holmes moved to New York City with the couple’s only daughter.

Since that time, Holmes has focused on being a mom, while still dabbling in acting. Suri has been enrolled in a great school while Holmes has starred in several plays. For a long time, Holmes claimed the move to the “Big Apple” was the best thing for both of them, which is why many people were surprised to learn she recently purchased a new home in California.

News that 35-year-old Holmes was leaving New York just came out along with news of her purchasing a $3.8 million home. According to people close to the actress, she is moving into a 6,000 square foot home in the Calabasas neighborhood. There has been some speculation as to why she wants to move, some believing it has to do with challenges that stem from east-to-west coast travel pertaining to Suri while others feel it comes from a lack of viable acting jobs.

However, some of her closest friends claim Holmes simply wants to return to the state she considers “home” because it is a better place for Suri to attend school and be raised. Suri, now age 8, has been pictured in tabloid magazines ever since arriving in New York. Often, the child has been seen crying and trying to duck out of the public’s eye so moving to get away from the attention makes perfect sense.

Of course, starring in one of the biggest movies of 2014, The Giver, certainly seems to substantiate the desire to move to California for the purpose of landing better acting roles although the move would also provide her and her daughter a more normal life.

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