Kayne West Rushed to the ER Amidst Reports of a Seizure

kim-and-kanyeThis has been an incredibly busy year for Kayne West, having married Kim Kardashian, becoming a father to the couple’s beautiful baby girl, and working on new music products so it is no wonder that things have finally caught up with him.

According to a recently published report, while in Melbourne Australia, West was rushed to the ER after apparently having a seizure. He was actually hospitalized, giving medical professionals the chance to perform all necessary tests in order to make a proper diagnosis.

As stated by an Australian reporter, West was taken to the back of the Epworth Hospital in Richmond, South Australia sometime mid-afternoon. Witnesses who saw West being taken inside said he had one side of his face covered up with something and that for obvious security and privacy issues, was surrounded by several bodyguards.

One woman who was in the emergency room waiting for her daughter to have an MRI gives a firsthand account. She stated that not long after doctors started the MRI, hospital security came rushing in and cleared out the entire area. She went on to say that everyone in the ER was moved to consulting and waiting rooms, excluding her because the MRI on her daughter was already underway.

She then noticed West being brought in on a stretcher while surrounded by security and holding a white cloth of some kind up to his face. The witness stated that doctors and nurses were rushing around, almost in a state of panic. She said she was not sure if the seriousness of the situation was health related or the fact that the patient brought in was a mega star.

The woman claims from things she overheard that there was concern by medical professionals that West had suffered a seizure. Although he had plenty of support with him, wife Kim was nowhere in sight. While this was a very frightening situation, apparently West did not suffer a seizure because he went on to leave the hospital a few hours later and perform that night in Melbourne.

Reporters reached out to get a statement from West and while none was given, a source close to him said he had suffered a really bad migraine headache, not a seizure. The individual went on to say that doctors cleared him of anything serious and that he will fully recuperate.

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