Kelly Rutherford’s Child Custody Sage Continues

Kelly RutherfordBorn in 1968, Kelly Rutherford is an American actress known for her multiple television stints to include roles on Generations, Melrose Place, and Gossip Girl. While her acting career has blossomed, her personal life has been anything but smooth sailing. In August 2006, Rutherford married her second husband, a German businessman, followed by giving birth to the couple’s son in October of that same year. However, while still pregnant with the couple’s daughter in 2008, Rutherford filed for divorce.

Soon after, the ongoing divorce and child custody saga began and to this day, it has not stopped. The first blow came when her now ex-husband claimed he learned of his daughter’s birth via social media. Although a physical and joint legal agreement was reached in April of 2010, Rutherford filed and obtained a temporary restraining order just one month later.

Things only got worse when in 2012, Rutherford’s attorney provided information pertaining to possible illegal activity involving her ex-husband’s business with the State Department. The result was revocation of his American visa and deportation back to Germany. A few months later, Rutherford did take the children to see their father but soon after returning to the US, she asked for sole custody. However, the California Superior Court’s response was 50/50 custody but because her ex-husband was unable to enter the US, the children would live and attend school in France half the time. Disagreeing with the judge’s ruling, Rutherford filed an appeal, which was denied.

Just this year, Rutherford stated that the 50/50 living arrangement equated to the children having been deported, she went as far as trying to get a federal judge to intervene but without success, and claimed having her children out of the United States created an issue of immigration that extends beyond the power and authority of the ruling judge.

It appears through Rutherford’s actions that she has tried repeatedly to cut ties between the children and their father, thereby creating an issue of distrust within the legal system. While a federal judge did agree to see if there was a way for her ex-husband to re-enter the United States legally, the battle rages on as Rutherford continues to be quite vocal about her personal saga.

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