Kesha has dropped case against Dr. Luke but will fight for other legal claims

Kesha has dropped her sexual abuse case in Los Angeles after more than 18 months she first filed charges against her producer Dr. Luke. The Kesha’s lawyer confirmed the news Monday evening.

The bad blood between Kesha and Dr. Luke began back in October 2014. Kesha incriminate that Luke had emotionally and physically abused her as well as threatened to “shut her career down” if she ever told anyone. Gottwald responded almost immediately, filing a defamation suit, calling Kesha’s claims “a campaign of publishing false and shocking accusations against [Gottwald] to extort Plaintiffs into letting” the singer out of her contracts.

Although she dropped her case, she wrote on her Facebook: “My fight continues,” “I need to get my music out. I have so much to say. This lawsuit is so heavy on my once free spirit, and I can only pray to one day feel that happiness again.”

She also said that she is only dropping her case in California court and that she would still be pursuing her other legal claims. “I am continuing to fight for my rights in New York,” she wrote. “Thank you for all your support. The support of my fans has been so beautiful and I’m so grateful for it. I’m not sure where I would be without you all.”

Dr. Luke’s legal representator, Christine Lepera said, “If Kesha is voluntarily dismissing her claims in the California case, it is because she has no chance of winning them. Earlier this year, she lost her meritless counterclaims against Dr. Luke in the New York Action. Recently, the California Court invited Dr. Luke and the other defendants to move to dismiss Kesha’s claims in that action. Kesha never should have brought her false and meritless claims against Dr. Luke in any court. Dr. Luke’s defamation and other claims against Kesha are still proceeding.”

Kesha will launch a 17-date, late summer tour. While she has only released one song since lawsuit began—she was featured on Zedd’s “True Colors” in April. The singer has promised to debut new material during this trek. “I’m playing songs you’ve never heard me play before,” she said, “and I may never play again.”

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