Kim Kardashian Attacked at Paris Fashion Week

kim-and-kanyeKim Kardashian is no stranger to travel but she is to being attacked. While attending Paris Fashion Week, a notorious prankster by the name of Vitalii Sediuk is taking credit for her attack. Kim and her husband, Kayne West, were walking the red carpet at a Balmain show when suddenly she was shoved hard by Sediuk.

Sediuk is believed to be a Ukrainian media personality who goes around causing problems for stars. Witnesses said his lunge was so intense that he almost knocked Kim completely over. The attack happened shortly after Kim exited the car she was in when a man in a yellow scarf and green jacked appeared out of nowhere and pushed her.

Bodyguards around Kim quickly grabbed and shielded her while trying to figure out what happened. One of the bodyguards tackled Sediuk to the ground while Kim’s mom, Kris Jenner yelled “stop it”. When questioned by a gossip site if it was in fact him, Sediuk admitted he had pushed Kim Kardashian.

This past July, Sediuk announced that he was retiring and had not pulled any pranks since that time. During his speech on retiring, he stated he was no longer going to heckle celebrity stars and that in fact, was planning to move to Europe to start a modeling career. He also thanked Hollywood for having him in the US for two and a half years.

As part of his statement, Seduik offered a half-hearted apology saying his actions were an experience that taught him a lot in life. Most importantly, he said he was sorry for celebrities who had to deal with his antics and then proceeded to thank them again, this time for being tolerant.

Celebrities were glad to see him leave, considering the damage he has done but also his arrests and apprehensions for other similar incidents that involved big Hollywood stars like Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt, America Ferrera, Leonardo DiCaprio, and many others. While he finds humor in what he does, people like Kim Kardashian do not.

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