Leslie Ash can stand without a stick

Leslie Ash can stand without a stickEnglish actress Leslie Ash has pronounced about her retrieval from MRSA after 11 years. She is now off medication and is able to walk without a stick. She was struck down with the hospital superbug after being treated for a broken rib in 2004.

The 55-year-old ‘Men Behaving Badly’ star is finally on the mend after fighting against the spinal injuries since 2004 with the help of her family, husband Lee Chapman and doctors.

The actress said “We’re a very tight knit family, we’re like a little team – they’ve been absolutely amazing. Lee has been my career for the past 11 years.” She added “My sons have been amazingly grounding – you can end up feeling sorry for yourself and they’ve made me get up and do things and not dwell on the bad things.”

To get back her fitness she works very hard. Leslie said “It’s taken me ten years to come off all the medication and I feel a lot more awake and I am so much better. I have still got the stick – but I can actually walk around without it now for the first time ever – and I work out a lot.”

To build her strength up Ash has trained with a sports coach who is doing biomechanics like a neuropathy pathway with her. Finally she can stand better without a stick and got back her strength properly.

Ash said “I know that I have been very ill but now I feel 100% back, in my head.”

“I remember I got to a point where I couldn’t remember things. I couldn’t even finish a sentence. Parts of my life were missing because of that” Ash said, “So I was determined to come off of them. It took me a while but I am finally off them and I feel so awake!”

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