Life of a Super Star – The Famous Tim McGraw Slap

Tim McGraw SlapSeveral videos recently surfaced from Tim McGraw’s July concert at the Aaron’s Ampithetre at Lakewood in Atlanta, Georgia that show him slapping at the face of Jesslyn Taylor, one of his fans. From the first video, McGraw was seen being manhandled by Taylor, which resulted in him swatting at her to leave him alone but another video soon followed in which it became clear this same woman actually smacked his butt several times before reaching out to slap his knee twice and ripping his jeans.

This is not the first time fans have annoyed McGraw. In August of 2007, he and his country singer wife, Faith Hill, performed together when a female fan reached out and grabbed his crouch. In response, the fan found herself on the receiving end of Hill’s wrath when she yelled out “Don’t touch my man’s balls” and quickly had the woman escorted off.

Obviously, McGraw reacted to an aggressive woman attending his concert. Even though fans across the world strongly offer support and feel he had the right to be ignited by a concert goer who crossed the line, Taylor quickly lawyered up. Just this week, Eric Hertz, Taylor’s personal injury lawyer said the case against McGraw was settled mutually although no monetary gain was discussed. From reports, Taylor only wanted an apology…perhaps it should have been the other way around.

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