Lindsay Lohan Accused of Stealing Digital App

lindsey lohanOnce again, Lindsay Lohan has been accused of stealing but this time, the accusation involves a digital application. According to the web developer, both Lindsay and her brother Michael, Jr. were involved with the stealing. Although she used to be known for her strong acting ability, Lindsay is now known more for her criminal acts.

Just a few of her problems include being charged with a DUI and possession of cocaine in 2007, being arrested in connection with her 2007 DUI in 2009, and then having her probation revoked, a bench warrant was issued for her arrest, and being in violation of her probation in 2011.

This was not the end of Lindsay’s troubles. In February 2011, she was arrested for stealing a $2,500 necklace from a jewelry store in Venice. However, she was at it again when in 2013, she stole wardrobe items to include gowns, shoes, blouses, and slacks, as well as jewelry from the set of “Anger Management”.

Now according to reports, Lindsay along with her brother Michael, Jr., struck up a deal with Filma Potik, a tech entrepreneur, to work on a startup called Spotted Friend. With this digital application, users have the ability to view clothes for sale that celebrities have in their closets. The application also makes it possible for people to purchase the clothes with celebrities donating some of the profits to various charitable organizations.

In July 2013, Lindsay sent out several tweets about Spotted Friend but for whatever reason, the relationship between her and Potik fell apart. Then just last month, Lindsay and her new business partner began raising money for an application very similar to Spotted Friend. As a result, they were slapped with a cease and desist but also threatened with quick legal action if they do not stop promotion and fund-raising for this other app.

Lindsay’s attorney shot back by stating that the allegations of her stealing Potik’s concept for the digital application are ridiculous. He claims that any impropriety in her business relationship regarding the new website is not only inaccurate but obviously designed to capitalize on her worldwide fame as a star and fashion icon.

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