Lindsay Lohan Bashes Oprah Winfrey and Community Service

lindsey lohanAs most people know, troubled star Lindsay Lohan moved to London from the United States several months ago. While some people felt she was trying to get away from all the bad publicity caused by her acts of irresponsibility, she has now spoken out and says the real reason has to do with being on Oprah Winfrey’s reality show.

According to Lohan, after appearing on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) reality show, she had no choice but to move from New York City to London. However, she takes things one step further by stating that the community service she was mandated to perform at Los Angeles coroner’s office was both “inappropriate” and “f***ed up”.

Since moving to London, Lohan has been spotted out virtually every weekend, hitting the most popular nightclubs in the city. Although it appears she is partying hard just like she did in the United States, she sees things very differently.

In an interview conducted recently with the United Kingdom’s Telegraph, Lohan, age 28, was supposed to promote her upcoming production in Speed-the-Plow. However, she told reporters during the interview that the OWN network was responsible for her coming to London because her troubles were exposed to include a relapse from alcohol, a supposed miscarriage, and multiple emotional meltdowns.

She claimed that because of this exposure, she became a target that made it impossible for her to remain in New York City. Lohan stated that once the show was over, paparazzi followed her everywhere she went from the minute she left her home to the time she returned.

The Mean Girls star also blamed the judge’s decision to have her perform community service at a morgue as being part of the reason she moved. In response to violating her 2011 probation after serving jail time, Lohan was ordered to spend time at the Los Angeles coroner’s office. According to her, she did all types of difficult tasks while officials with the morgue insistss she was late, irresponsible, lazy, and never given complex jobs.

To describe her feelings for being forced to work in the morgue, Lohan used the “F” word. She said she felt the judge gave her an inappropriate sentence because most people would not be able to handle it yet somehow, she was supposed to. Overall, she felt she was being singled out so the courts could set an example.

Although she never came right out and said it, Lohan suggested that while serving community service at the morgue, she personally rolled the bag containing the dead body of famous singer Whitney Houston’s who drowned in a Beverly Hills hotel bathtub in February of 2012. However, Lohan’s time at the Los Angeles coroner’s office was complete in December 12, three full months prior to Houston’s death.

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