Maria Schriver’s New Boyfriend Getting Unfair Criticism

Maria ShriverDespite 25 years of marriage and a reported $400 million fortune, Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s marriage could not stand up against his affair with former maid and the love child it produced. The couple split in 2011 and although Schwarzenegger has been spotted with several women since, Shriver has maintained somewhat of a private life.

However, Shriver is back on the dating scene, spending quality time with Matthew Dowd, an ABC news analyst. On the surface, the two appear to be a great match but according to people close to situation, Dowd has a very dark and troubling past. However, after conducting research, insiders find Dowd to be a very respectful man who apparently makes Shriver happy.

Shriver, 58, and Dowd, 53, have been keeping a low dating profile dating life but now, the couple is getting attention because of “new information” regarding his life. According to documents obtained, Dowd has been divorced twice and has four children, one who passed away. Some people feel Dowd will bring Shriver down because of her conservative ways but without any other “dark and mysterious” information uncovered, chances are good the couple’s relationship will continue to thrive.

However, there is one small technicality. Despite filing papers years ago, Shriver and Schwarzenegger are not officially divorced. In other words, Shriver is actually a married woman although the delay appears to have something to do with the huge fortune shared by the couple. As far as Dowd, he apparently spent time on a secluded Texas ranch, leaning on his faith to recover. In spite of people trying to stir things up, Shriver and Dowd seem like any other normal couple!

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