Miley Cyrus under Investigation by Mexican Officials

Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus is no stranger to controversy. Although she began her career as an innocent child actress, the daughter of country singer, Billy Ray Cyrus is now notorious for making really bad decisions to include her Wrecking Ball performance at this year’s VMAs.

This 21-year-old performer may have crossed the line this time as reports are coming in about Cyrus being criminally investigated by Mexican authorities. If convicted, she could face jail time for the crime of “desecrating the Mexican flag”. This past Tuesday night in Monterey Mexico, Cyrus took the stage wearing an oversized prosthetic rear end.

That was bad enough but while going through one of her many twerking escapades, she got down on her hands and knees while a male backup dancer came up behind and whipped her bottom with a Mexican flag. Officials from Mexico are outraged at her abuse of the national flag, especially since she was performing in their country

The performance was held just outside Puerto Rico during the Mexican Independence Day. According to Mexican officials, they are horrified at Cyrus’ complete lack of respect for the country and the flag that represents it.

Apparently, the state congress of Nuevo Leon wants to push forward in prosecuting Cyrus for her actions. The crime of desecrating the country’s flag is very serious and carries up to a $1,200 fine, as well as 36 hours in a Mexican jail.

Prior to this incident, Cyrus was banned from giving additional performances in the Dominican Republic on the basis of morality grounds after her September 13 concert. In a statement released by the commission, this action was taken against her because she performs acts that go against customs and morals punishable under Dominican law.

Now NBC is also under fire for broadcasting Cyrus’ July 8 Bangerz performance in which she used sexual choreography, dancers were scantily clad and worst of all, the performance involved Cyrus being in bed with both men and women who were semi-naked. Things have become so heated that NBC could be fined pending a Federal Communications Commission probe.

As for Cyrus, she does not seem to have a care in the world. It is expected that her rebellious antics will continue to be a part of her shows, which has many networks and promoters thinking twice about scheduling shows and tours.

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