Miss New York’s Kira Kazantsev Crowned Miss America

miss americaIn last night’s Miss America pageant, Kira Kazantsev representing the state of New York came out the clear winner. From the start of the pageant broadcasted live from Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall, Kazantsev stood out against the competition.

Not only is the 23-year-old beautiful, she caught the attention of viewers and judges alike with her unique percussion talent. According to the rules of the Miss America organization, contestants are allowed to do whatever they want for talent. Sitting on the floor and singing the song “Happy” by Pharrell, Kazantsev used an ordinary red cup to create rhythm and percussion sounds.

Born in New York to Russian parents, Kazantsev said she wanted to do something “out of the box” for her talent. Her goal was to show every young girl in the United States that talent is something anyone can do. She went on to state that during her one and a half minute performance, she had the most fun she’s ever had in her entire life because she stayed true to herself and chose the talent she wanted regardless of what other people thought or said.

Her talent during the Miss America pageant was in fact very unique, and for that reason, there was a lot of buzz. Ultimately, it was this very buzz that made her stand out. When Kazantsev walked on stage for the swimsuit, evening gown, and questionnaire portions of the show, everyone remembered here and therefore, paid attention.

Kazantsev also commented that one of her goals if she were to be crowned Miss America and serve in that role for the next 12 months was to help raise awareness for the prevention of domestic violence but also military sexual assaults. As part of her incentives in becoming Miss America, Kazantsev will now collect a $50,000 scholarship, which according to her will go toward law school.

Kazantsev becoming the 2014 Miss America marks the third time in a row that this state has had a winner. Defeating Courtney Paige Garrett from Virginia, along with Ashton Jo Campbell from Arkansas, Victoria Cowen from Florida, and Lauren Kuhn from Massachusetts is a huge honor and one that Kazantsev has every intention of taking seriously as she moves forward in the role of ambassador for the Miss America organization.

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