More Skeletons Fall Out of Will Hayden’s Closet

Will Hayden.Will Hayden, star from the television show “Sons of Guns” has found himself in even more hot water with another rape charge. Last month, Hayden’s own daughter accused him of raping her and to back up the allegations, provided documented proof.

According to the daughter, Will raped her almost every day since March of 2013 when she was only 11 years old. In court documents, she describes how her father abused her but also states she never reported it because of physical threats made toward her by her father. Will was arrested in Louisiana two weeks ago and charged with child molestation but after posting bond, he was arrested yet again.

According to sources with the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Department, another arrest warrant was issued after posting bond and that along with the United States Marshals he was picked up in Livingston, Louisiana. However, in a statement provided by Will, he said that his ex-girlfriend, also mother to their child, was making things up for the sake of vengeance relating to their breakup.

After this incident, Will’s other daughter, Stephanie, came forward to tell officials that she too was sexually abused by her father when she was a young girl. At one time, Stephanie appeared with her father on the Discovery television show, “Sons of Guns” but now, she felt she needed to do the right thing for her 12-year-old sister by coming forward to tell what happened to her.

Being accused of raping two daughters is beyond horrible but once again, Will Hayden is in trouble for the same crime but involving a different person. Yet another individual has come forward telling authorities that 22 years ago when she was 12 years old, she too was a victim of Wills. Now 34 years old, she told law enforcement officials that at 12, the family home had been destroyed by fire so she was living with him.

She goes on to claim that the two smoked pot together and that Will ended up raping her. Like the daughters, the woman said that she was told not to tell anyone about the incident and that even if she did, no one would believe her so for 22 years, the woman remained quiet. Based on the information provided, Will Hayden has now been charged with yet another rape.

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