Nicole Kidman Didn’t Know Her Adopted Daughter Bella Cruise Got Married: How The Relationship Was?

Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman with daughter Isabella CruiseRelationship between NICOLE Kidman & her daughter Isabella Cruise has gone from bad to worse after the adopted daughter didn’t invite her mom to her wedding.

When Nicole was starring in a West End London play her daughter tied the knot just down the road without her knowing on Friday, September 18.

In 1992 Kidman suffered a upsetting ectopic pregnancy then Kidman and her ex-husband Tom Cruise adopted Isabella.

When young star Tom Cruise and his beautiful wife Nicole was failing to conceive naturally then they decided to adopt a baby. A that time a-list couple were reportedly contacted by a mother from the Church of Scientology who had a baby she couldn’t look after. Finally Kidman and Cruise offered to adopt the child and named her Isabelle, or Bella for short. The couple fell into as parents from the get-go.

Once Tom declared he stayed up with his family night after night to look after their baby, Nicole revealed that having a daughter “opened up a part of my heart I didn’t even know was there”. Tom, Kidman, Bella and her adopted brother Connor traveled the world a lot. They enjoyed their free time precious family holidays in the Lake District, Sydney and LA.


After the split in 2001 Bella became strained when she was aged 8. Then the kids moved to New York with their mother and still saw Tom at weekends. In 2004 kids were shifted to Tom due to work commitments, Nicole spent much of 2004 in Romania. After several years have passed away Kidman’s relationship with her children became strained and they started to lose contact.

Bella’s relationship with Nicole became so difference she stopped calling her “mom”. Bella was so much adored that when Tom met Katie Holmes, the teen called her “mom” instead.

Bella took a final swipe at her by failing to tell her she was getting married after distancing herself from her mother. Encompassed by a handful of her friends, the 22-year-old wed her IT consultant boyfriend in a Scientologist ceremony at the Dorchester hotel in London last month, leaving Kidman to find out about it from the press. Bella knows her mother were at the same city at that day, Nicole was preparing for her role as British scientist Rosalind Franklin in an upcoming play.

After hearing the marriage news Nicole is said to be delighted that her daughter has found happiness and wishes her all the best. Although Isabella Cruise’s wedding celebration didn’t include her famous parents, both Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman continue to support their daughter – as they have throughout her life.

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