Nicole Kidman’s Dad Dies from a Fall in Singapore

nicole kidmanAs reported, Nicole Kidman’s father, 80-year-old Antony Kidman, passed away earlier today after taking a ball fall in Singapore. Her father worked as a clinical psychologist at the University of Technology in Sydney Australia and was apparently visiting his other daughter, Antonia, when the accident.

Antony’s sudden death is a shock to Nicole and the entire family. A family spokesperson told reporters that Nicole very much appreciates all the outpouring of love and support offered by family, friends, and fans. She also requested privacy so the family could deal with the horrible situation.

According to local authorities in Singapore, the death of Antony was being investigated as an unnatural death, which in China, means a death commonly caused by an accident to include a fall.

Professor Attila Brungs, Vice-Chancellor at the University of Technology gave a statement that Antony was a highly respected researcher, health practitioner, and colleague and that his sudden passing was of great sadness. She said that during his 43 years with the university, Antony had contributed a great deal and will be missed by everyone there.

At this time, no information has been provided as to when the investigation in his death will be released, or when and where services will be held but more than likely, Antony’s body will be returned to his home country of Australia for proper burial. As a top expert relating to psychological and health-related issues, loss of his knowledge and expertise is truly tragic.

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