Oprah Winfrey Fights to Keep Diary Entries Secret

Oprah WinfreyAccording to reports, media mogul, Oprah Winfrey, is fighting with the court to keep entries in her personal diary secret. Just yesterday, Winfrey’s attorneys were back in court working on her behalf to seal the diaries. Back in 2011, a trademark infringement lawsuit was filed against Winfrey by Simone Kelly-Brown, Own Your Own Power Communications, Inc.’s president.

In obtained legal documents, Kelly-Brown accused Winfrey of stealing his phrase “Own Your Power”, which she had used in connection with a number of ventures, to include on her own website.

In March 2014, Kelly-Brown’s lawyers requested that the court “compel production of Ms. Winfrey’s personal professional journal or diary entries”, with the purpose of seeing if any information to the case was included. As expected, that request was shot down by Winfrey’s attorneys who stated they had reviewed the journals or diaries and that nothing of relevance was found.

What makes the situation so ironic is that Winfrey is known for being very open with her personal life yet she will not release the journals or diaries to Kelly-Brown’s legal team. Although there may be nothing of importance in them, it certainly leads to speculation.

People close to Winfrey believe the only reason she does not want to turn over her personal journals or diaries is because they contain intimate details having to do with her long-running relationship with Stedman Graham and best girlfriend, Gayle King.

The judge did rule in Winfrey’s favor in 2012, stating that she had every right to use the “Own Your Power” phrase specific to her magazine. However, in appeals, the court overturned that trademark ruling. Whether Kelly-Brown will ever have success through the court system in getting the journals or diaries turned over remains a mystery.

Recently, Kelly-Brown’s attorneys asked a judge to read Winfrey’s personal journals or diaries but the request was denied. Of course, Winfrey will continue to fight the request and with incredible wealth, she has the means to hire the best attorneys in the world to help her win the battle.

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