Rob Lowe Looks Youthful For His New Haircut

Rob Lowe, who is garnered fame for The Outsiders film, has a new haircut looking ageless young star for his on-screen performances. The actor looks youthful still now as he were at 25-years-old by launching a men’s skincare line in 2015.

“I’ve always taken really good care of my skin,” Rob Lowe told to GQ in an interview about his skincare in 2015, “Over the years of doing what I do for a living, I’ve learned every trick of the trade. I really wanted to share my regimen with all men, with a line I created for them. ”

The 52-year-old legend is a handsome dude with his complexion, physical fitness, and his apparel is not the only secret of his youthful performances at “Roast of Rob Lowe.” Yes it’s his new outstanding “movie-star haircut” is helping him look younger.

A few stars recently has signed on to be roasted on “The Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe.” Actor-comedian Rob Lowe has been a huge fan of the comic heritage. The network announced – retired NFL QB Peyton Manning, actress Bo Derek, commentator Ann Coulter pay hard accolade to the striking actor on The Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe.

“Roast of Rob Lowe” will air on Labor Day September 5 at 10 p.m.

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